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Dinar Oud Unisex Perfume 100 ML EDP by Ajyad


Ajyad Dinar Oud perfume, which will catch your attention at once. This scent is a bit more full-bodied, almost creamy and more floral and thus is often a favourite for people who like woody-sweet-floral scents will steal the spotlight. The must-have perfume in your collection and it will make you feel confident about yourself while wearing it.


This perfume is not created for the stereotypical gender… him or her… it is created to share for all age and gender.


Brand: Ajyad

Fragrance Perfume: Dinar Oud

Fragrance Notes: Oriental 

Top Notes: bergamot, jasmine, rose, vetiver, sandalwood

Heart Notes: citrus, vanilla

Base Notes: sweet citrus, pineapple


Perfume for: Women


Size : 100 ml

Concentration : Eau De Parfum EDP

Dinar Oud Unisex Perfume 100ml EDP

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