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Secret Oud Private Edition Unisex Perfume  100 ML EDP By Oudh Al Anfar

Secret Oud Perfume by Oudh Al Anfar is a niche fragrance that is the perfect combination of French and Arabic, it has fresh bergamot and leathery notes with a hint of oud and patchouli.

Secret oud creates a magical and mesmerizing effect, with its notes of Dry birch, Italian bergamot, citrus, Moroccan Jasmine, and touches of Oud. Wear this perfume to feel elegant throughout the day!

This Private Edition fragrance comes in a luxury bottle and is professionally packed to suit the wearer’s taste. It is strong and extremely sensitive. Its radiant aura lingers for days when applied. Both Fragrances are specially designed for Men and Women of all ages. It comes in 100ml bottles.

The long-lasting Arabic Oud fragrance with top notes of rose, floral, and fruity and base notes of patchouli, Iris vine.

“A perfume is something which is invisible and yet an unforgettable accessory”

Brand: Oudh Al Anfar

Fragrance Perfume: Secret Oud Private Edition

Fragrance Notes: Oriental

 Top Notes Rose, Floral vines, Peach, Mongolia

 Heart Notes Wood, Oudh, Caramel, Agarwood

 Base Notes Fruity flavors, patchouli, Iris vine, Oud

Perfume for: Men and Women

Size : 100 ml 

Concentration: Eau De Perfume (EDP)

Secret Oud Private Edition 100ml EDP by Anfar Unisex Perfume 100ml EDP

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